Arman Emami

Interview with Arman Emami

Autumnal mood at Red Dot

The warm summer days are over. Those who want to spend cosy evenings on the patio will need to have a warm blanket to hand.

2014 Soccer World Cup

The Soccer World Cup kicks off on 12 June in Brazil. While lots of people are waiting feverishly for the starting whistle, others are already dreading the month-long event.

Welcome to the blog space...

We want to use this space to give you little insights into our world full of great design products and books at fairly regular intervals in the future.


"Design quality is the seamless combination of background story, execution and, most importantly, passion during the product’s creation."

Adrian & Jeremy Wright

"We'd love to design something that will still be relevant, and in production, in 100 years time."

Erik Sijmons

Red Dot interview with Erik Sijmons.

Henrik Holbæk & Claus Jensen

"People still want to differentiate themselves and buy things that trigger their emotions, but for the foreseeable future there will be a sense of reason in consumer spending."

Möbel-Liebschaften Design Team

Red Dot interview with Möbel-Liebschaften Design Team