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»With a flexible silicone frame, Glass & Glam presents Mod. 52, a reinterpretation of classic sunglasses that is bound to be an eye-catching accessory.«

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Virtually indestructible: the Glass+Glam sunglasses not only look ultra-modern, but thanks to... more
Product information "Sunglasses by Glass+Glam"

Virtually indestructible: the Glass+Glam sunglasses not only look ultra-modern, but thanks to their special design, they are up for all sorts of fun. And they are now available in the Red Dot Shop.

When the sun is shining, a good pair of sunglasses is an absolute must. They protect your eyes from blinding light and draughts, as well as from harmful UV radiation. With the Glass+Glam sunglasses you needn’t worry about damage either, as this innovative product is able to stand up to absolutely anything.

Flexible and trendy

At first glance, the sunglasses from Glass+Glam look completely normal. But a second look will reveal their innovation potential as they are made of ultra-light and yet unbelievably supple silicone that still offers the necessary stability. That makes it almost impossible to damage the glasses. Whether on the beach or while playing sport, this flexible material adapts to every movement without getting damaged. The design is fresh and trendy, making these glasses an ideal accessory whatever you’re doing in the sun.

Secure protection against UV radiation

Apart from just looking good, the Glass+ Glam sunglasses also offer secure protection for your eyes. The glasses filter light up to a wavelength of 400 nanometres, thereby keeping UV rays at a safe distance. The soft, light material feels pleasant on the skin and is extremely comfortable to wear. A high-quality cleaning cloth comes as standard to ensure the innovative glasses stay pristine. Also included is a practical protective case in a matching colour that offers a glimpse of the designer glasses through a viewing panel. The case makes it possible to attach the glasses in the car, but also provides non-slip grip on smooth surfaces.

Resilient eye-catcher

With this innovative design product, Glass+Glam have taken the concept of sunglasses a step further. The result is a flexible, extremely resilient, but nonetheless very appealing modern pair of sunglasses that suit every occasion. In 2015, they won the Red Dot. You can now order the Glass+Glam sunglasses online from the Red Dot Shop.

Type of distinction: Red Dot
Year of distinction: 2015
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